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The plants D can help in managing Type 2 diabetes, and to some extent Type 1 diabetes in such a manner that the amount of synthetic drugs used in diabetes treatment is graudally reduced, even insulin,  and the amount of my natural capsules PLANTS D is increased compensating and stimulating the production of insulin and regenerating the pancreas, which may provide even complete cure for some individuals.

It is especially important for Type 1 diabetes in children when it starts to develop, and if PLANTS D are administered early enough, the development of Type 1 diabetes may be completely stopped and the function of pancreas normalized within a few months. With Type 1 and Type 2, the plants also have beneficial effect on digestive and urinary tract, they improve blood count, reduce fats and stress.

The price of the therapy for one month is 500 Euro, with advance payment.

The therapy should be preferably taken before three main meals and before going to sleep, 2-4 capsules and 1-2 juices, if necessary. Please, place your order via e-mail: to stay constantly in touch in order to manage diabetes to the largest extent, or even to help some individuals to be cured. 

BIO JAMI d.o.o.
Kalnička 10, 10342 Dubrava, Croatia
IBAN: HR4923900011101280147 - SWIFT: HPBZHR2X

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Ingredients: fruit powder…..leaf powder….root powder….tuber powder….leaf and flower powder…capsule.

Amount of nutrients in the maximum daily dose                                                                             
Net quantity 120 capsules of 500 mg each
Suitable for vegans 
Instructions for use  
Take 2 to 4 capsules 3 to 4 times a day before a meal
The powder from the capsule can be mixed with water or tea, and then drink it in small sips 

Storage conditions 
Store at dry places at a temperature of up to 25  C  
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded
Keep out of reach of small children 
Dietary supplement is not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet 

Warning: Not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women                                                                                                

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  • Brankica Bana Miketek

    I want to thank Mr. Zdenko for his herbal preparations. I was taking the bitter melon and dandelion one, and I had problems with the stomach and intestines, a cyst on the left kidney, as well as elevated sugar. I underwent a color doppler ultrasound of the abdomen and I no longer have problems. Thanks again.

  • Danijela Juric

    Hello! I am reaching back to you with positive feedback for bitter melon + 4 plants capsules and I wish to say that life without medication is indeed possible with these capsules. I get them for a child who has diabetes, and I can only say positive things about it. We keep the sugar levels under control without insulin and the child has been feeling great ever since he started taking these capsules. He has personally felt an improvement in his condition. I would recommend them to everyone.


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